P4.2: Genome sequencing, computational modelling and multi-omics data integration

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Project Overview

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) drove the first phase of development of precision oncology research. NGS is now used for a wide range of applications including genome sequencing, RNA sequencing or transcriptomics (RNAseq), single cell sequencing, determination of methylation sites in DNA and other applications. While NGS is still at the forefront of clinical implementation, multi-omics data integration is the next grand challenge. POI has established a high quality NGS and data integration resource, building a pathway to standardised NGS analysis to facilitate the development of cutting-edge multi-omics data integration approaches.

This shared resource is based on a collaboration between an academic partner, Systems Biology Ireland (SBI), based in UCD, and an industry partner, Genuity Science.

The team in SBI has leading expertise in the development of algorithms for data integration and modelling. Using advanced computational approaches, SBI scientists can build computer models from biological data to illustrate molecular interactions and signalling pathways. These models can also be used to predict changes in disease states. Furthermore, SBI has expertise in mixed network integration wherein they can take multi-omics datasets (e.g., transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, clinical data, gene networks etc) and integrate them together for comprehensive analyses.

Complementing this, Genuity Science have unparalleled expertise in the generation and analysis of NGS data, including automated DNA and RNA extraction from FFPE tissue, methylation analysis, genotyping, whole exome, genome and RNA sequencing. They have agreed to provide research dataset generation capacity to the POI consortium partners.

Combining these skills enables the development of robust analysis workflows for different NGS technologies and data integration methods that address a current bottleneck in biological and biomedical research.

Technologies available to the POI research team through this shared resource include:

  • Nucleic Acid Extraction
  • QC and Genotyping
  • Next Generation Sequencing Techniques
  • Methylation Profiling
  • Computational Modelling
  • Data Integration 


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Project Team

Prof. Walter Kolch
Project Lead