Precision Oncology Ireland is a consortium of 5 Irish Universities, 6 Irish Cancer Research Charities, and 9 international companies aiming to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics for personalised cancer treatment. The Consortium is part-funded by Science Foundation Ireland under their Strategic Partnership Programme and is co-ordinated by Systems Biology Ireland. Read more >

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Irish breast cancer study highlights potential new treatment approach

A new study by Irish researchers may pave the way to developing a more effective means of treating patients with the most common form of breast cancer. The promising findings are described in a paper published in the leading journal “Cancer Research”, in a study headed by researchers from RCSI and UCD, and supported by the Irish Cancer Society and Precision Oncology Ireland

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POI Public talk series for Cancer Week Ireland

To mark Cancer Week Ireland which runs from Monday 28th of September until Sunday 4th of October, POI are collaborating with our charity partners and patient advocacy groups on a number of public research talks.

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Could bacteria function as tissue agnostic cofactors for checkpoint blockade immunotherapy?

UCC based POI postdoctoral researcher Dr. Sidney Walker describes the potential role of the microbiome in the development of precision medicine treatment strategies for cancer patients

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