Industry Engagement

The POI team work closely with our Industry partners on cutting-edge research projects across the spectrum from bench to bedside.

All POI-funded researchers are encouraged to engage with our industry partners and external biotech innovators, and to participate in internships and industry open day events. This will allow them to gain insights into how research works in a non-academic setting, and how new diagnostics and therapeutics are developed in the pharmaceutical industry. 

By engaging with our industry partners, researchers can gain important experience and insight into the careers available within these companies, build a network of potential future collaborators, and learn first-hand about the cutting-edge technologies and techniques they employ to develop new diagnostics and therapies. Researchers may also be able to learn from the personal stories of researchers who have successfully launched start-up companies and have translated their research all the way from the bench to the patient’s bedside.

Companies interested in learning more about the work that we do within POI and potential avenues for future collaboration should get in touch at

POI Industry partners 



POI Industry webinar ''Spatial Transcriptomics: Painting a Molecular Picture''

POI hosted an Industry Webinar featuring five expert speakers on Tuesday the 16th of March via Zoom.

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Industry Seminar by Prof. Helen McCarthy, CEO of Phion Therapeutics's

POI's first Industry Research Seminar showcased the ground-breaking work by Prof. Helen McCarthy of Phion Therapeutics.

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