Scientific Advisory Board meeting 2024

We were delighted to once again welcome our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) members to UCD last week, for our annual SAB meeting. Consisting of two days of research talks, poster sessions, strategic development discussions and networking, the meeting was a huge success and has left us with plenty of expert advice and guidance to continue developing the POI programme.

We thank everyone who attended, in particular our presenters (both oral and poster) who gave such a strong demonstration of the quality of science in POI, our charity and industry partners, who shared their experiences of POI with the SAB, and of course our SAB members themselves.

You can see some pictures from throughout the two-day meeting below as well find out more about our SAB members here.


Prof Walter Kolch (top) and Dr. Jessica Ralston providing updates on the scientific and operational progress of POI

Scientific presentations from (top, clockwise); Chowdhury Arif Jahangir (UCD), Prof. Helen Roche (UCD), Dr. Vinitha Richard (UoG) & Prof. Walter Kolch (UCD). (Bottom, left to tight); Prof Leonie Young (RCSI), Dr. Sharmila Biswas (UCD) & Dr. Róisín Dwyer (UoG)

ECR poster session, with moderated posters delivered by (clockwise); Dr. Myriam Nabhan (UCD), Dr. Matthieu Moncan (UoG), Dr. Lili Lin (UoG), Dr. Kathleen Mitchelson (UCD) & Tânia Dias (UCD)


SAB with partners, PIs & Ops-team (left to right); Dr. Isabella Bray (CHI), Dr. Jessica Ralston (POI Ops), Dr. Eadadoin McKiernan (SBI Ops), Prof. Nils Blüthgen (Charité University Hospital, Berlin), Prof. Frank Gannon (QIMR Berghofer),  Prof. Walter Kolch (POI Director), Prof. Mark Lawler (Queen's University Belfast), Prof. Markus Morrison (University of Stuttgart), Prof. Sara Zanivan (CRUK Scotland Institute), Dr. Eva Szegezdi (UoG), Prof. Jonathan Bond (UCD) & Dr. Shane O'Grady (POI Ops).