SBI Oral Presentation Skills Training

We're just back from an excellent workshop organised by SBI in Oral Presentation Skills, where we were delighted to see so many of our POI and DevelopMed researchers, honing their presentation skills and learning how to tailor a scientific message to an individual audience. 

The workshop featured talks on presentation skills and messaging, interactive improv and feedback sessions, all led by Dr. Craig Slattery, who has a wealth of experience in developing researcher's presentation skills. Dr. Slattery is Assistant Professor of Regulatory Affairs & Toxicology at UCD as well as Chairperson of Midlands Science, a non-profit working to increase interest in STEM   among students, teachers and members of the public in the Midlands.


(Left to right) Dr. Slattery givng tips on presentation skills, "The Wheel of Names" - who will have to present next?, ECRs rapt attention.