QBI/SBI Symposium on Molecular Networks of Cancer and Other Diseases

Following on from a years long partnership between Systems Biology Ireland, UCD and Quantitative Biosciences Institute, UCSF California, the 2nd "SBI-QBI Symposium on Molecular Networks of Cancer and Other Diseases" was recently held on UCD campus from Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th October.  

POI was delighted to be here to not only lend organisational support but to also run two interactive workshops during the lunchtime sessions.  On Monday, we held a collaboration workshop designed to spark conversations and forge new bonds between the international attendees of the conference. We look forward to seeing what results from the exciting opportunities created here. This was followed up on Tuesday with a patient workshop, where we were delighted to welcome patient advocates and representatives to join us in collaborative discussion sessions and provide vital feedback on our overall PPI and communications strategy.

POI Director Walter Kolch delivers an overview of the POI programme to conference attendees (left) and patient advocates (right) at the lunchtime workshop sessions 


In addition to the workshops, it was great to also see so many POI researchers give fantastic talks over the course of 3 days. A big congratulations also to Soraya Epp who won the prize for best ECR presentation. 


POI PIs (top row, left to right): Walter Kolch, Jonathan Bond, Maeve Lowery & Helen Roche. POI ECRs (bottom row, left to right): Tânia Dias & Soraya Epp