Royal Society: Machine learning and AI in biological science, drug discovery and medicine

Earlier this year, the Royal Society hosted a conference on the applications of machine learning and AI technologies in biological research, drug discovery and medicine. Supported by our research partners, AstraZeneca, the conference included talks from industry, academia, government and charities. Prof. Walter Kolch was invited to both give a talk on his research on using digital twins in cancer research and a Q&A session, where he discussed topics such as bias and error, public data, patient-specific models, rare diseases and funding. 

A summary report of the conference has just been published and can be accessed here.

Left: Prof Walter Kolch delivers a talk on digital twins in cancer research.

Right: Walter in a panel discussion with Dr. Claus Bendtsen (AstraZeneca), Dr Anne Phelan (BenevolentAI) and Dr Imran Haque (Recursion Pharmaceuticals)