ESB Science Blast 2023

Have you ever wondered what household ingredients make the best slime? This was the question posed by one class of intrepid young investigators for this years ESB Science Blast, an annual science fair, facilitated by the RDS and open to primary schools from across Ireland.

POI administrator Shane was one of the judges for this years event, which featured thousands of primary schoolchildren and hundreds of separate projects. Each class, in conjunction with their teacher, selects their own project and then follows a 6- stage lesson plan designed to teach them the basics of experimental design, observation, data-collection, analysis and graphing.

POI has participated for several years running as judges of Science Blast. Some fascinating previous research topics we’ve had the pleasure of judging include “What’s the best energy food?”, “Does coloured paper improve learning?” and “What are the different benefits of seaweed?”.

POI is always supportive of anything to make science more accessible and exciting to all. Events like these gives kids first-hand experience in the highs (and lows!) of going through a scientific process of planning, investigation and analysis. And who knows, maybe after sharpening their scientific skills investigating the different kinds of slime, they’ll one day be applying those same skills to developing the next generation of cancer therapies!

You can learn more about ESB Science Blast at the link below.

Learning to keep meticulous lab-notes from an early age