POI Public talk series for Cancer Week Ireland

To mark Cancer Week Ireland which runs from Monday the 28th of September until Sunday the 4th of October, POI collaborated with our charity partners and patient advocacy groups on a number of public lay talks, presented by world- leading cancer researchers, including our own POI Director, Prof. Walter Kolch. You can find out more about Cancer Week Ireland here: https://cancerweek.ie/about/ 
Precision Oncology Ireland/Irish Cancer Society Public Talk with Prof. Cathy Kelly
Monday September 28th, 11am, via Zoom
On September 28th, the Irish Cancer Society in association with Precision Oncology Ireland hosted their first webinar as part of Cancer WeekCancer Week Ireland is about encouraging us all to open up about cancer so that the fear of the past can be replaced by hope for better outcomes and a brighter future. Irish Cancer Society funded researcher, Prof Catherine Kelly discussed the importance of breast cancer research in Ireland.

Professor Catherine M. Kelly is a Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and Associate Clinical Professor at University College Dublin. Prof. Kelly is the Medical Director of the Mater Hospital Cancer Trials and Research Unit. She is also Co-Chair of the Breast Cancer Group of Cancer Trials Ireland. Prof. Kelly was the recipient of the Irish Cancer Society, Clinician Researcher Leadership Award 2018.

This event was recorded and can be accessed by emailing research@irishcancer.ie
POI Public talk on Lobular Breast Cancer in conjunction with Lobular Ireland.
Wednesday 30th September, 2.30pm, via Zoom
"Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer – What we know, and what we don’t know".
On 30th September 2020, Precision Oncology Ireland hosted a public talk on lobular breast cancer, a type of breast cancer that can be more difficult to detect than the more common ductal breast cancer, and can respond differently to standard treatments. The speaker was world-leading breast cancer researcher Prof. Steffi Oesterrreich from the UPMC Hillman Medical Center, and the talk was followed by an open Q&A session chaired by Prof. Leonie Young from the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. This event was organised in conjunction with the advocacy group Lobular Ireland.

This talk was recorded and is available here.
Precision Oncology Ireland/National Children's Research Centre Public talk on Neuroblastoma with Prof. Walter Kolch
Wednesday 7th October, 3pm, via Zoom.

"Can computer models help cure cancer? Neuroblastoma as an example".

On 7th October 2020, Precision Oncology Ireland hosted a public talk focused on the latest cutting edge scientific research on Neuroblastoma, a rare but devastating childhood cancer, from world-leading precision medicine researcher Prof. Walter Kolch from University College Dublin. The talk was followed by an open Q&A session chaired by Consultant Paediatric Oncologist Dr. Cormac Owens from Children's Health Ireland. This event was organised in conjunction with the National Children's Research Centre, tailored for a lay audience, and was open to anyone with an interest in cancer research or neuroblastoma.
This talk was recorded and is available here.