Public talk on Lobular Breast Cancer

On Tuesday 16th June 2020, Precision Oncology Ireland hosted our first public talk together with our charity partner, the Irish Cancer Society. The speaker was a fantastic Irish breast cancer researcher, Dr. Damir Vareslija, from the Royal College Of Surgeons in Ireland. 

Damir is a Research Fellow and Principal Investigator in the Department of Surgery in Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He undertook his Science Foundation Ireland-funded PhD training under the tutelage of Prof Leonie Young and Prof Arnold Hill. Damir has been involved in numerous translational collaborative projects funded by Breast Cancer Ireland and the Irish Cancer Society’s BREAST-PREDICT Collaborative Cancer Research Centre, during which his work was published in several leading clinical and biomedical journals including JNCI, JAMA Oncology, Oncogene and Clinical Cancer Research. His current research, supported through Breast Cancer Now, Enterprise Ireland, Breast Cancer Ireland and the Irish Cancer Society, is focused on endocrine treatment resistance and metastatic breast cancer with a particular focus on brain metastases. 

Damir gave an enlightening talk about Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, entitled: “Biological and Clinical Differences within Breast Cancer: A story of a sneaky subtype”. The talk was tailored for a non-scientific audience, and garnered particular interest among the lobular cancer community in Ireland and worldwide. Over 80 attendees tuned in on the day, with a further 70 watching the webinar, which was recorded, at a later date. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with great engagement during the lively Q&A session, and POI look forward to hosting similar events showcasing the great work of Irish researchers in the future.

The webinar recording can be viewed here