Nationwide visits POI

On Friday 7th February 2020, the RTÉ programme Nationwide broadcasted a segment relating to the ground-breaking work of Precision Oncology Ireland in fast-tracking the delivery of precision medicine in cancer.

The presenter, Anne Cassin, visited the UCD Conway Institute and Systems Biology Ireland to talk to the leaders of the POI programme, Professor Walter Kolch (Director) and Professor William Gallagher (Deputy Director). POI charity partners were also represented, with Dr. Robert O’Connor (Head of Research, Irish Cancer Society) talking about the motivation of getting involved in such a collaborative initiative, and how this can benefit both patients and wider society.

Nationwide also interviewed Professor Amanda McCann about the Patient Voice in Cancer Research (PVCR) programme which she has spearheaded since 2016. The PVCR provides a key opportunity for cancer patients/survivors, family members and cancer researchers to engage in a mutually beneficial dialogue.

The cancer patient community was represented by two patient advocates and PVCR steering committee members, Ramon Whelan and Ciara McNamara, who shared their lived experience of cancer.