Entire POI team meets in Galway prior to IACR Conference

The entire POI team met in Galway on 25th February 2020, just prior to the annual IACR Conference. This gathering gave the team an opportunity to discuss progress thus far and plans for the future. Discussions circulated around the four main research areas of POI: Precision Diagnostics, Precision Therapeutics, Tumour Microenvironment and Resources and Infrastructure.

The Lead Investigator for each research area provided an overview of the projects within, and outlined any practical issues faced to date, followed by a discussion on the science and future plans. The meeting was followed by a networking session so that the team could get to know each other.

Little did we know what was ahead in March as the world shut down due to coronavirus! It was great to get an opportunity to catch up with the team before we all went into lockdown.